Financing your project quickly owadays, requests for fast credit are becoming more and more numerous. Indeed, any household may need cash for various reasons: the choice of a fast credit is one of the solutions we offer. Indeed, Younited Credit uses technologies of evaluation of the requests of credits which make it possible to finance with a fast pace your project:  You obtain an immediate basic solution at the end of your request in lignen. 

We provide an electronic signature module as well as a dematerialization space making it possible to upload your documents online even with your mobile! Take advantage of our system to receive an easy credit.

Solution for emergency credit

Solution for emergency credit

If you really need a quick answer, here are some tips we give you. A first tip is to apply for credit online. Indeed, your file will be processed more quickly and therefore you will receive a solution much faster. The best is to properly prepare your file. Even if the personal loan requires little paperwork, your file will be processed faster if it is complete.

Among the supporting documents that will have to be provided, the two most important ones that must be provided are: your identity document (national card, passport or travel permit) and your IBAN account number.

The strengths of our credits are numerous! A simulation in linen An answer in the 24hnNo commitment even if the request is accepted. A rendez-vous for the signature at your place on request or in offices across Belgium suitable advice. 

The conditions for the granting of a fast loan: You must have more 18 years old and live in Belgium or Luxembourg. Your income must come from a constant animation (fixed-term contract or contract of indefinite duration or still seizable income like those of the invalidity or the accident of work) in Belgium or in Luxembourg.

most sites that offer to have a quick credit in 24 hours are not French: often Swiss or Belgian, they can actually find a quick solution to acquire a loan, but they do not affect French residents. Here are some tips for those who want to find a fast credit in 24h 100% french. How to get a fast loan in 24h? Internet credit on the Internet, the supply of fast credits is flourishing and many sites offer such a solution in less than 24 hours.

What is it really? First tip before peeling the listing of all sites that make you an eye: learn to read between the lines! Many have in action on the words and the 24h deadline is actually only the first period of your application for credit which aims to present your file to a consultant.

This absolutely does not relate to the agreement of the body for the actual loan! What is often promised to consumers is a basic answer within 24 or 48 hours. But this answer in principle is by no means a loan offer!

It is only an evaluation of the type of credit that you could acquire according to several parameters (monthly income, expenses, debt ratio, etc.).  It will then be necessary to prove the accuracy of all this personal information to the bank or credit institution which will then make a thorough study of your application and your file. This is only after that the offers of loan you will be transmitted.

A process that takes more than 24 hours, even in the fastest banking institutions! In the emergency, it is much easier to have; Also, if your financial necessities are extremely urgent, be careful!

For an answer within 24 hours

For an answer within 24 hours

Many projects may require significant funding, which is not necessarily within the reach of everyone. A credit absorption can be an advantageous solution to finance your expectations and there are some tips to be able to have a fast personal loan. What is a fast personal loan? A personal loan is a type of absorption loan that allows the borrower to own the loaned amount as he wishes, so that he does not have to send a document of his employment to the lender.

The fast personal loan can be used to finance a good of consumption but also services of all types. It is a credit that can range from $ 200 to a maximum of $ 75,000 (which is the ceiling for a consumer credit) and whose borrowing period must be a minimum of 3 months.

Repayment is by installments most of the time. The maximum duration may vary from one organism to another, but it can not generally go beyond 7 years (84 months). The rate of a fast personal loan also varies according to the different lenders who can attach it freely provided that it does not exceed the rate of usury, which is the maximum legal rate that can be applied to a consumer credit. (we can find it on the website of the Cream Bank).

The rate of usury changes in use of the amount borrowed and changes every quarter. The conditions for granting a fast personal loan as well as the terms of repayment also depend on the bank or institution specializing in credit to the chosen consumption. Various costs can be added to the total cost of the credit, in use of the various lenders. The lending organization must communicate certain information to the borrower before the signature of the contract.

This information includes: the cost of the credit as well as the conditions for granting the fast personal loan, the duration of the contract, the amount as well as the number of deadlines, the total amount owed by the person who takes the loan, the amount of the costs of file, the APR (annual percentage rate of charge), the veracity of a withdrawal period, the compensation in the event of late payment, the conditions for early redemption.

Many consumers who are looking for a loan without credit rating and serious without any upfront costs will find plenty of offers from credit intermediaries. Credit advertising describes exactly what the consumer wants to hear. If you are not careful, you ultimately only have the advertising promise in your hands and no credit.

No loan seeker should be blinded by full-bodied advertising. There are the most dubious cases. So these advertisements are used to fill and sell address lists. It could happen that an SMS appears on a cell phone and asks for a call to a service number. This procedure is only intended to pull money out of the pocket of the loan seeker via an expensive telephone bill.

A loan is not granted. An insurance offer that is made dependent on a loan approval can be the background of an advertisement. The news that comes is gratifying for the loan seeker that the preliminary credit check has been positive, but there will be no credit brokerage. If you are looking for a loan without credit rating and serious without any upfront costs, you should proceed carefully.

The loan without credit rating and serious without any upfront costs

The loan without credit rating and serious without any upfront costs

Loans that do without credit rating are intended for the clientele who have a conspicuous credit rating file. A bank will conduct a credit rating query before each loan approval. The credit rating information is used to determine the customer’s creditworthiness and how high the risk of a loan default is. If the characteristics are negative, no loan is granted. As a way out of this precarious situation, the loan remains without credit rating, a foreign loan that is also called a loan. Credit is the business of credit intermediaries who advertise their loans online.

At first glance, it is impossible to say whether you have come across a reputable credit broker. Only in the course of business relationships can the dubious and reputable providers be filtered out. A reputable credit broker works exclusively on a success basis. If the loan approval is through, the intermediary can calculate his costs and invoice them. Applying for credit rating-free loans is easy. All you need to do is fill out an online form and send it to the credit intermediary.

On the basis of the information provided by the loan seeker, the credit broker will make a preliminary loan offer. If it is accepted by the applicant, the credit agreement comes into play. This must be signed and sent to the lender with the required proof of creditworthiness (proof of salary, account statements, open-ended employment contract). Once the latter has checked the documents, the final loan approval is sent to the loan seeker.

The loan brokerage

The loan brokerage

A credit without credit rating and reputable without upfront costs cannot be called mass-produced goods. If the loan seeker is sent insurance contracts or savings contracts to be signed with the loan agreement, the loan seeker should immediately refrain from this mediation. A reputable credit broker shows that he discloses all business contacts regarding the loan. That is the loan amount, the term and the interest rate. His fees must also be presented openly so that the loan seeker can understand them.

A loan without credit rating and serious without upfront costs is only granted by a bank . The chances of getting a loan are very limited. Clear requirements have been drawn up for a loan that is granted with two loan amounts. The loan amounts are USD 3,500 and USD 5,000 depending on the credit rating. Since the loan is secured solely by income, a transfer of wages must be signed. If there are defaults on payment, the wages are seized immediately. There should therefore be no garnishment of wages. The differences to a normal loan can only be found in the credit rating waiver: The loan without credit rating and serious without upfront costs is charged with an effective annual interest rate for the loan option over 3,500 dollars with 11.62%, with a 5,000 dollars loan the effective one Percentage rate at 11.61%.

A reputable credit broker can be said to do without an “extra service” such as home visits that are not wanted. These are methods that drive up costs. A credit intermediary can be helpful if loan seekers are not only interested in a loan without credit rating and serious without any upfront costs.

For example, a loan can be offered “despite” credit rating if only a bad credit rating is available. Then a loan can also be made with a bank. A reputable credit broker can offer access to all eligible credit banks. The loan application can also be made by a loan seeker directly to the Sigma credit bank. The advantage is that only personal postage and certification costs are incurred.

What does a loan without Credit bureau stand for?

What does a loan without Credit bureau stand for?

When applying for a loan, there can be many and different causes, such as the car purchase or the institution. For many people, the amount of money is scarce, which makes a loan necessary. However, if a negative entry is added to the Credit bureau file, lending becomes more difficult. Helpful here is just a loan without Credit bureau.

What does a loan without Credit bureau stand for? This loan has the great benefit that it can be claimed Credit bureauunabhängig. All credit institutions in Germany cooperate intensively with Credit bureau, as they obtain information about the creditworthiness of the potential new debtor before granting the loan. Credit bureau calculates a scoring value for this purpose, which includes all current payment obligations.

On the other hand, the Credit bureau is also informed about all granted loans. Often only the loan without Credit bureau is helpful, with which the financial scope can be clearly increased. The interest on these loans is usually slightly higher. However, the borrower may fully dispose of the loan. To filter out the best credit among the many providers, a comparison is very meaningful.

Loan is usually granted without interest 

Loan is usually granted without interest 

This should be characterized by the lowest interest rates and an open credit agreement. Who will be awarded a loan without Credit bureau? Because the foreign banks do not receive Credit bureau information, they require other securities. For this reason, German consumers must, in principle, have an unlimited employment relationship and must not stay in the probationary period.

Without the Credit bureau groups such as freelancers, self-employed, housewives, apprentices, students, unemployed or reform recipients will not get the loan, even if this is often promised by advertisements from some banks. It is also not serious if the borrower has expensive or expensive telephone hotlines to call or if an insurance policy or the like is to be completed.

If a reputable bank is selected, it may be a good opportunity to apply for a loan. Another way to apply for a loan is to provide a guarantor. The loan can also be secured without Credit bureau with additional collateral, such as life insurance policies or real estate. If all approaches fail, a personal loan may be the last resort to apply for a loan without Credit bureau.

Such a loan is usually granted without interest and the repayment modalities are usually clarified individually. If no financier is found in the private sector, many websites meanwhile also offer the possibility to issue a private certificate on the Internet. Of course, as with any other loan, it is important to scrutinize the bids in order to get a low-interest and fair loan and not get into a cost situation.

Loans for Social Welfare recipients are offered. Unfortunately, loan offers for ALG 2 recipients do not offer an outstanding selection. Comprehensive restrictions must be expected. The article explains more about the credit options and what requirements have to be met.

Loans for Social Welfare recipients – credit options without income

Loans for Social Welfare recipients - credit options without income

The biggest hurdle at which loans for Social Welfare recipients fail at house banks is income. The level of income is already well below the attachment limit. A normal loan can only be approved if there is sufficient, unencumbered leeway for payment in installments above the seizure allowance. For an individual, the garnishment limit is only reached with a net income of USD 980. If, in addition, dependent persons can be fed from the income, the limit increases significantly.

The initial credit situation is even more problematic due to the type of income. The Social Welfare benefit is not an income that would be eligible for a credit request. A social transfer benefit that is linked to the need of the recipient cannot be pledged or assigned. Social Welfare is therefore unsuitable for credit security. No credit institution or credit intermediary would take the risk of such lending.

In spite of Social Welfare, make the loan eligible

In spite of Social Welfare, make the loan eligible

In principle, loans are only possible if adequate credit protection is offered. This security could not be derived from income. Loans for Social Welfare recipients can only be found on the capital market via a small detour. First, the provider has to be changed. Under no circumstances does an ordinary house bank accept such a credit risk. Credit intermediaries, special banks and personal loans remain as possible lenders.

In addition to the change of provider, other preconditions must also be met. First, the Credit bureau must not have an unfinished negative Credit bureau entry. If the Credit bureau is clean, then the lender must be offered usable security. The options are:

– Pledging valuable property security, for example the motor vehicle.
– Entry of a solvent guarantor or co-applicant into loan liability.
– Pledging of old-age provision, provided that it is covered by a capital-building life insurance policy.

The problem with Social Welfare is that often only the guarantee remains as an option. Long-term paid life insurance and valuable items are hardly available in households. A possibly existing vehicle is usually so old that it no longer represents security. In addition, the possible loan volume is very small, despite the collateral provided.

Exceptional loans

Exceptional loans

Even small amounts of credit can mean a great relief for the Social Welfare household. Charities and especially the churches can intervene in emergency situations. If such a social loan is granted, it is also interest-free.

Loans for Social Welfare recipients with cash payment are also possible within a modest framework. Pawn shops would be the right contact for this.


Immediate loans that can be applied for online are an answer to the urgent need for money. Today anyone can apply for a loan and get a response in just a few minutes. All thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and the desire to facilitate and speed up the immediate application process and grant money.

How can I get immediate loans?

How can I get immediate loans?

You can easily apply for immediate loans online. The process depends on each financial product in question, but in general terms you should:

Fill out an application form

It is not usually requested much information, in a few minutes you can have it completed. You can get it without papers and completely online.

Verify your identity

There are usually two ways to do it:

  • Automatic : It can be done using tools such as Instantor, in which you only have to enter your bank details so that the system verifies your identity in a few seconds. Thus immediate loans are granted online without paperwork.
  • Manual (presenting documentation) : There are websites that still do not have the necessary technology to verify your identity automatically and request certain documents such as your ID or a bank receipt. This slows down the request somewhat, but it is a possible and widely used alternative.

Accept your loan

In a few minutes you will receive your personalized loan offer and you just have to accept it. Then the lender will make a transfer to the account that you have indicated in the application. If the loan cannot be granted, you will also be notified quickly.

What are instant mini loans?

What are instant mini loans?

The immediate mini loans are those that offer low amounts of money, between 50 and 800 USD. They can normally be repaid in no more than 30 days, although there are entities that offer the possibility of extending the immediate personal loan up to 45 days.

One of the advantages of mini loans, also known as microloans, is that they have less demanding requirements than financing that offers more money. They can be obtained even without payroll and without endorsement. It may be enough to be the right age (usually between 18 and 70 years old) and to be the holder of a bank account in Spain. Although the criteria vary greatly depending on the quantity requested and the financial product.

Why are you requesting immediate loans?

Why are you requesting immediate loans?

Quick Immediate Loans are requested or often used to meet small unforeseen expenses. If you face a bad economic moment, unexpected payments may arise. Luckily there are solutions to this situation like the ones we present at Good Lender.

Some of the most common reasons to apply for loans online instantly are:

  • Purchase to replace household appliances or electronic devices or repair costs.
  • Renovations and home repairs.
  • Topics related to automobiles : repairs, traffic fines, purchase.
  • Need to travel unexpectedly.
  • Other specific expenses.

What is Good Lenders immediate credit service like?

What is Credit & Go

Good Lender is a specialist in immediate personal credits. Good Lenders immediate credit service is characterized by:

  • Ease of use : Applying for immediate mini-credits is simple, fast and convenient. You can do it at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Flexibility : You decide how much money you request and how much you can return it. Within our maximum and minimum limits you can choose yourself.
  • Transparency : You can see in the loan simulator how much you will have to return according to the amount and the date of return that you select. We do not hide interest rates.
  • Reliability : We work with companies that are part of the Spanish Association of Micro-loans and we have all the necessary guarantees.

Apply for your immediate loan online right now. At Good Lender we offer immediate credits to be repaid in a maximum of 90 days.

Online credits immediate response

Online credits immediate response

Online immediate response credits: when we talk about immediate loans, we refer to the well-known mini-credits that can be obtained online and whose entities provide personalized response and attention to their clients. The procedure for requesting and obtaining these immediate credits stands out for its effectiveness and, above all, for its speed. This is one of the main advantages of being done entirely through the Internet.

Its rise has an obvious reason: its immediacy. And this takes on greater prominence if we tend to compare them with the traditional loans that banks have always offered, whose high amounts of money require a complex process.

In contrast, immediate online credits have opposite characteristics. They appeared hand in hand with lenders, with simple application forms to fill out, with 100% online methods and procedures that turn them into immediate loans without paperwork, and with flexible and very undemanding requirements.

The secret is that small quantities are offered, which makes management less complex. After completing the online form, the applicant will know the response from the credit institution in just a few minutes. If approved, you will receive the money within 48 hours.

Immediacy also pays

But immediacy is also paid for. Immediate online loans are designed to cover economic emergencies caused by an unforeseen need for money. Credit institutions, aware of the urgency of immediate money, apply high interest rates. Many times, those who urgently need money are willing to pay more for it, and therein lies the danger.

It is common to see how many users rush to seek and request immediate loans online. The result is usually: unpaid installments and damaged credit history. To avoid this, it is always recommended to have a close control of personal finances, only then we will have little chance of being burdened by debt.

It is always difficult to foresee all expenses and on many occasions unforeseen events occur. If so, better to have savings that help us defray those expenses. If it is not possible, then it is when we should consider requesting an immediate loan.

To find the one that suits us best, always taking into account our needs and what we can afford, there are web comparators like ours. Nowadays, given the great offer of the credit market, it is essential to be clear about what each entity offers, at what price and under what conditions.

The best thing is to know well the interests that fix each other, look for those that offer immediate credits with low interest or even, if we are lucky, credits without interest, and choose an affordable option according to our financial situation.

A reader recently asked about debt to cash flow ratios when analyzing a stock, but before addressing this question, perhaps it is best to start by defining this main element of fundamental analysis.

Debt to cash flow ratio – better known as debt ratio – is a comparison of a company’s operating cash flow to its total debt. The purpose of this ratio is to estimate a company’s ability to cover total debt with its annual cash flow from operating activities.

Now let’s look at the reader’s question and frame the answer in real-world terms. The reader indicated (in part):

“There was an analyst on TV and they are to blame for the cash flow ratio of two companies. With the first company, they stated that their cash flow debt is 17 times that is really off the charts. Normally at this time in the cycle, cash flow is about 2 times.

The reader asked for more information about this ratio and what would be a good number to look for in a company.


Two problems

There are two problems here and neither is the fault of the reader.

The first problem is that there are numerous ratios that look a debt and the ability of a company to pay its obligations.

These are important considerations because a company that is having trouble paying off its debts is heading for the trouble and is probably not a stock you want to own.

The ratios that look at this aspect of a company’s finances are generally referred to as coverage ratios.

The second problem is that the formulas for the financial ratios are not necessarily set in stone. Some analysts apply formulas to take into account various factors.


Hard to know

In this case, it is hard to know what the analyst was using a formula. Debt to money ratio normally results in a percentage. It is often calculated in this way:

Cash flow debt ratio = operational cash flow / total debt

For example, a company with $ 15 of operating cash flow and $ 21 billion in debt have a cash flow debt ratio of 71%.

Normally you want to see this ratio of more than 66% – the higher the better. However, this ratio is more useful when placed in the context. First, how has the ratio changed in the last five years or more? Is it getting higher or lower? Secondly, what are the relationships for other companies in the same sector? Some capital-intensive industries may have a lower cash-flow debt ratio than in other sectors. You can find the numbers to calculate cash flow debt ratio on a company’s financial statements.

Operational cash flow is on the cash flow statement and the debt on the balance sheet. You will want to be careful with companies with a low cash flow debt ratio. Especially in difficult economic times, cash flow can suffer, but the debt does not go down. The greater the ratio, the better a company returns to rough economic conditions.